The Art of Close-Range Combat


Wing Chun is a simple but effective method of self-defense based on the traditional Chinese martial arts of Kung Fu. It is a relatively young system, but in the last few hundred years it has spread to every corner of the Earth because it is practical, can be learned in a short period of time, and can be practiced by people of all sizes and ranges of physical ability.

The Kung Fu Life is about having the fitness to do 
whatever you want to do. It is being aware, alert and 
focused. And it is living fearlessly, confident that you 
have the ability to defend yourself.

Wing Chun has no delusions of being the “ultimate martial art.” There is no sport or competitive aspect, the forms are not aesthetically pretty like traditional animal-style Kung Fu, and no one takes home shiny trophies. Wing Chun was primarily designed for one thing, and one thing only: to allow you to defend yourself against a violent assault. With that purpose in mind, Wing Chun evolved to work best in a particular set of circumstances:

  • You are defending from a position of disadvantage. This may mean you have been assaulted by surprise or ambushed when you are unprepared to defend.
  • Your attacker is bigger and stronger or otherwise has a physical advantage.
  • You may defend with limited mobility, such as in a hallway, elevator, or other confined space.
  • You may defend while standing, seated, or on the ground.
  • You may be facing a single attacker or multiple attackers.

Although rooted in the arts and traditions of the Shaolin Temple, Wing Chun was not meant to be practiced by monks. Rather, the grandmasters of Wing Chun were everyday people with jobs and families. Therefore, Wing Chun was designed to be practical, but also be learned and maintained even by people with busy lives.

“Mastering an art is really about mastering yourself.”
– Sifu Francis Fong


Customize your training experience to fit your personal goals:

  • Wing Chun Drills and Basic Techniques

    Wing Chun Drills and Basic Techniques

    Wing Chun Drills Wing Chun Drills and Exercises for Solo Practice Many Wing Chun masters “Sifu” recommend practicing Wing Chun drills solo for self-defense before starting training with a partner. But, it can be unclear which training drills to practice


  • Kung Fu Fitness

    Kung Fu Fitness

    Achieving optimal physical and mental fitness is crucial for living the Kung Fu Life. Whether your goal is to have the energy to keep up with your children or grandchildren, or to reach peak performance in work and play, the


  • The Spirit of Shaolin

    The Spirit of Shaolin

    The Shaolin Temple The Shaolin Temple – 少林寺 or “Young Forrest Temple” – is arguably the most famous Buddhist monastery in China. However, it is not famous because the monks meditated better than anyone else, or because they reached higher