The Wing Chun Salute

The Wing Chun salute is an ancient tradition used to begin a training session and to show respect for the Sifu, your training partners and your training space. There are variations, but the most common form is an open left hand placed over a closed right fist. The fingers of the left hand are kept extended and not flexed to wrap around the fist. Used by many styles of Shaolin Kung Fu, the salute is known in Chinese as 武术抱拳礼, roughly translated as “the Kung Fu courtesy of covering one’s fist.”

In this first lesson, we’ll review both the formal Wing Chun salute used to open the training session, and the informal salute used when entering the training space or to show respect for training partners. Finally, we’ll explore the origins and meaning behind the salute and its ties to the founding of Wing Chun.

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