Siu Lim Tau: Third Section

The third and final section of Siu Lim Tau focuses on transformation. In the previous section we were introduced to the idea of loading up or “drawing the bow” with one movement before releasing the energy with the next motion. This section explores a more complex version of that idea where each and every Wing Chun motion can be a “load up” for the next technique.

This section also provides our formal introduction to Bong Sau and illustrates a different variation from what you’ve seen in Lap Sau. You will also get to see new perspectives on the Pak Sau and Tan Sau techniques that you have seen previously.

This section is performed at a normal pace, with no special emphasis on going either fast or slow. It is vital that you remain relaxed, as you will continue to utilize “whipping power” in the transformation from one hand form to the next. For easy recall, this section is sub-divided into five key sequences, each of which emphasizes one of the key forms of Wing Chun’s “Three Poison Hands.”

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