Siu Lim Tau: The First Section

The first third of the Siu Lim Tau form is performed slowly, precisely and with a laser-sharp focus. It exemplifies the idea of a “moving meditation,” but also has much to teach us. In just this first section we are introduced to a new toolbox full of “Wing Chun hands” to help us deal with a variety of violent problems. Grandmaster Moy Yat summed up the challenges of this form concisely:

Siu Lim Tau is a form that is easy to learn but not quite so easy to play well. Of course, the most important requirement is to know all the movements in the proper sequence. The movements are in themselves simple ones, but it is essential that they are performed frequently, in a relaxed manner. A relaxed mind and body is the key to perfecting them.
    – Moy Yat, Ving Tsun Trilogy,

In this lesson we are going to explore all of the “little ideas” in the first section of the form. This includes learning a stack of new hand techniques, chaining them together into a smoothly flowing sequence, and then comprehending the underlying concepts and principles.

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