Siu Lim Tau: Opening the Form

The Siu Lim Tau form is divided into three sections and an opening sequence to make it easy to learn. In this lesson we will learn the details of the opening sequence separately from the rest of the form.

Siu Lim Tau translates to mean “Little Idea Form” or “Small Idea Form.” As with many of the concepts, there are layers of meaning to this name. At our foundation layer, “little ideas” can be thought of as “seed ideas.” In this form, the Wing Chun grandmasters have planted the seed of ideas and concepts that we will cultivate throughout our Kung Fu training.

There are no wasted movements in any of the Wing Chun forms. Every structure and every motion has a lesson to teach. By practicing the Siu Lim Tau form daily, we absorb these lessons into the very fiber of our being. And as we noted with the name of the form, many of these lessons have layers of meaning. This gives us, in a very concise package, a wealth of information to explore.

The opening sequence itself is highly symbolic, and contains keys to both the philosophy and fighting concepts that make Wing Chun so unique. In this lesson we will first learn the full opening sequence, then explore the concepts within each movement.

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