Luk Sau Rolling Hands Drill

I recently had the unforgettable experience of teaching my teenage daughter how to drive. In the very beginning, I just let her sit in the driver’s seat and learn where everything is: the gas pedal, the brake, the ignition, lights, etc. We adjusted seats and mirrors and got her fully comfortable with the position of driving before we ever cranked the car.

Finally, on a straight, empty street, she got her first taste of driving. She had all the power of my truck’s engine completely under her control, and learned how to gently pull forward and easily brake to a stop. (After a few whiplash-inducing early attempts, of course.) This first on-the-road lesson was simple: get a feel for accelleration, how to control the vehicle while moving, and how to stop.

The process of learning Chi Sau is very similar. Poon Sau is orientation, getting you comfortable with how Chi Sau works without energy. This level – Luk Sau – cranks the car and puts it in gear by adding energy to the motions. You’re going to accelerate with Choung Jing (Forward Energy) and get a feel for the road with Keng Jing (Listening Energy). Then we’re going to add something new: Lin Jip Jing or Connecting Energy, which attaches you like a shadow to anything your partner does.

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