Lap Sau Grasp and Punch Drill: First Change

Although Wing Chun Kung Fu is primarily known as a striking style or system of boxing, it is also proficient at trapping, take-downs and grappling. Unlike today’s popular ground-fighting systems, though, Wing Chun grappling is mostly applied while standing. The various grabs, holds, pins and pulls are primarily used to clear the line of attack, removing obstructions so that you can hit your attacker’s centerline.

Our introduction to Wing Chun grappling is through a four-phase drill known as Lap Sau, or “Grasping Hand.” The basic context is very simple: an attacker has tried to punch you, and you have deflected the initial blow with Bong Sau – yet another new Wing Chun hand. Not content with simply avoiding the first strike, however, you are going to counter-attack. Since the bad guy as most graciously given you his arm, grab it and pull it off the line as your loaded Bong Sau whips into straight punch.

Through the next few lessons we’re going to explore the mechanics of the Lap Sau grab, the “inside whipping punch,” and a whole lot of “what if’s” that will make this simple scenario much more complex.

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