Cha Jee Sau


Cha Jee Sau is a cross-armed block that is introduced during the opening sequence of the Siu Lim Tau form in Wing Chun. It is used to mark the centerline from extreme low to extreme high and can also be used as a reference point for defining the gates.

To perform Cha Jee Sau, start by extending the arms simultaneously outward and down, crossing the wrists in front of the Dan Tien. The left hand should be on top of the right. Next, bend the elbows while simultaneously turning the hands over so they end palm up. The arms remain crossed at the wrist throughout the motion. In the final position, the wrists are crossed just slightly above the horizontal line of sight, with the left wrist still on top of the right.

It’s important to maintain a relaxed, yet focused state of mind during the performance of Cha Jee Sau, as it is an integral part of Wing Chun training. The motion of the block should be smooth and fluid, with the hands moving in unison. This block is not only an important technique for defense but also helps to develop a proper stance and body mechanics.


Cha Jee Sau as a Defensive Technique: The crossed-arm structure, also known as a double Gahn Sau, can serve as an emergency block against a strong rising attack. For instance, it can be used to defend against a knee or kick to the body in case your structure is compromised by a Muay Thai-style head clinch.

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