Wing Chun History

Remember the opening lines from STAR WARS? It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire. Wing Chun history is kind of like that, only the galaxy is China, the Empire is the Qing Dynasty, and the swords don’t light up. Background The martial art style that came to be known as Wing Chun originated in a period of civil war that marked the transition between the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty in southern China about 300 years ago as a self defense martial arts…

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Wing Chun Kung Fu Live Training

The information about Wing Chun Kung Fu live training is coming soon. Stay tuned!

Sifu Jiu Wan

Master Jiu Wan was born in 1921 in the city of Foshan in Guangdong Province, China, the same city as Grandmaster Ip Man. Jiu Wan began his Wing Chun training when he was eight years old with his uncle, Jiu Jow. As he grew older he enrolled in the Jing Mo Guen Wing Chun school in Foshan, training under Grandmaster Chan Wah Shan and Chan’s son, Chan Yu Min. A classmate at Chan’s school was a fellow policeman, Ip Man. Ip Man did not complete his studies at Jing Mo Guen, escaping political turmoil to move to Hong Kong. There,…

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Sifu Moy Yat

(梅逸 – Moy Yit-Kai)June 28, 1938 – January 23, 2001 “The purpose of Wing Chun Kung Fu is to lead you to be free and relaxed. This can never be achieved if you are tied physically and emotionally to techniques. You must free yourself from dependence on mechanical expression and trust your body, your Kung Fu to protect yourself…” – Grandmaster Moy Yat Moy Yat was born in Toi Shan in the province of Canton, China. At the age of nineteen, his family moved to Hong Kong and he began training with Grandmaster Ip Man (葉問 – Yip Man) in…

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The Wing Chun Family Structure

Unlike many other popular martial arts, Wing Chun is not a based on a military system. Most Wing Chun schools do not follow a military-styled hierarchy based on rank, but rather a family hierarchy based on relationship. While some Wing Chun schools use the belt or sash ranking popularized by the Japanese and Korean martial arts, others do not. Some schools will begin training sessions by having students line up by rank, and others bring students together in an all-inclusive circle. Regardless of modern class format, all Wing Chun schools place special emphasis on the style’s lineage, and adopt titles…

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