Wing Chun Live Training

Wing Chun Live Training

We are in a unique place in human history. Never before has there existed anything remotely like Online Training. Until the modern era, if you wanted to learn a skill or acquire knowledge, you found a teacher. In the world of martial arts especially, the secrets of the system were transmitted directly from master to student. There were very few books or written instruction – for the select few who could read – and absolutely no illustrated guides or how-to videos.

To master a physical skill such as Kung Fu, hands-on instruction was absolutely necessary. The Sifu would guide the Todai (disciple) through the movements and the techniques. The forms were the textbook of the system, an encapsulated codex to the major concepts, principles, structures and movements. Sifu would impart his knowledge and wisdom, and the students would pressure-test the techniques against each other to validate they had learned the lessons correctly.

Today, live training remains the best way to learn Wing Chun or any other form of Kung Fu. The feedback and guidance from the instructor, and the ability to test with other people of different size, weight, energy and athletic ability, provides advantages that you simply cannot get with non-physical training. Luckily, you have a number of options for getting LIVE Wing Chun training.

Kung Fu Birmingham

The Wing Chun Concepts program was originated, developed and pressure-tested at Kung Fu Birmingham, a traditional school of Wing Chun Kung Fu located in Birmingham, AL, USA. Naturally, if you live in the central Alabama area, you are strongly encouraged to visit one of our two training locations to attend a class that meets your schedule. Daytime, evening and weekend sessions are currently available, and the live training program is completely synced with the Wing Chun Concepts online curriculum.

Kung Fu Birmingham students will be able to track their progress, classes attended, and track their monthly enrollment or Class Card credits right from the student dashboard. To learn more about the Birmingham classes, please click the link below:


Francis Fong Martial Arts, Atlanta, GA

What could be better than training directly at the source? The FFIA World Headquarters is located just north of Atlanta, GA, USA. Sifu Fong's academy features full courses in Wing Chun Kung Fu, along with Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Kali Escrima and more. Be sure to check the event calendar for upcoming workshops, seminar, and the famous Train With the Masters super seminar.


Francis Fong Affiliate Network

The Wing Chun Concepts curriculum is based on the systematic approach to training as taught by Sifu Francis Fong. If you train at any FFIA Network School, you will find the same forms, the same drills and the same rank progression as shown here. However, please note that even within the network individual schools may emphasize their unique perspective or training focus. If you train at other FFIA schools, be aware that there may be differences in the training material. In all cases, the training material presented by your local instructor will supersede any information presented here. Note that Online Access to the Wing Chun Concepts program is separate and optional.

A complete list of FFIA Schools around the world is presented below:



Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts | Marina Del Rey | Website
└ Jeff Imada
└ Joel Clark
Chris Harley | Oakland |
Bryan Stoops | Chino Hills | Website |
Adrian Tandez | Mountain View | Website |


Vic Spatola | Centennial |


LaVonne Martin |Sarasota | Website |
Alvin Brown | St. Petersburg |


Alan Baker | Woodstock | Website |
Stephen Grantham | Johns Creek | Website |
Sule Welch | Atlanta | Website |
Dan Mills | Macon |
Dr. Joseph Smith | Martinez |


Marcus Charles | Chicago | Website |
David Greco | Frankfort | Website |


Danny Terrell | New Iberia | Website |


Patrick Finley | Baltimore |
└ Brandon Yerrid | Assistant Instructor
James Linkins | Burtonsville |
Chris Rinderspacher | Baltimore |
Bob Burgee | Ellicott City |


J. Dallo | Southfield | Website |
David Hatch | Canton Twp | Website |

New York

Alex Chan | Whitestone | Website |
Luigi Cuellar | Whitestone | Website |
└ Elroy Braswell Jr
└ Phillip Briffa
└ Aungyi Chi
└ Dan Kwok
└ Pierre Patino
└ Pete Piloutas
└ Bruce Rathaus
└ Joseph Taverni
└ Walkter Insalata
Jim Brault | Rochester |
Kevin Seaman | Syracuse | Website |
Eric Winfree | Syracuse | Website |

North Carolina

Damon Kittles | Asheville |


LaDell Elliott | Stillwater |


Michael Sotos | Ashland |


Jonathan Lucas | Richboro | Website |
Brian Beliveau | Erie |

South Carolina

Al Zepeda | Moore |
Sheriff Adell Dobey | Trenton |
Mike Wood | Spartanburg |
Harun Raja | Greenville | Website |
Mark Mills | Lexington | Website | 803-356-9755


Dr. Dani Talamantez | McAllen |
Corey Gary | Haltom City |
Risto Hietala | Irving |


Dr. James Lin | Tacoma |



Marvin Ishmael | Calgary | Website |
Andrew Carine | Calgary | Website |


Bill Hearst| Ottawa | Website |
Bob Koblovsky | Carleton Place |



Gianfranco Russo | Rome | Website |



Jim Brault | Cambridge | | 44 (0) 7711 001786


Paul Finn | London | Website | | 07958 394 004



Michael Punschke | Muenchen | Website | | +49(0) 1577 2023 142



Marcos Caballero | Barcelona |

If you are able to train with us in central Alabama, or if you come to visit for seminars, workshops or drop-in classes, please click the link below for complete class schedules and location information.